Work & Study Support

If you are working from home, studying, or running a business and might need extra support for the tasks you can’t attend, we are here to help. We provide suitable programs that help, leaving you free to focus on what you need to do to succeed. At Ezy Care, you will find Support Workers who will know precisely how to keep you achieving your goals in your studies or your work life.

When we talk about work and study supports, we mean the extra support you need because of your disability to:

  • study at school
  • prepare for work
  • find your first job or a new job
  • do your job
  • study somewhere like university or TAFE
  • start an apprenticeship
  • try things like volunteering or work experience
  • work in your own business.

Get the care you need.

At Ezy Care, we value companionship and empathy above all else.