Therapy Support

Therapeutic support services are focused on helping injured or disabled persons improve their independence and overall health. We have access to a wide network of specialists that can identify the kind of therapeutic support you need.

Art Therapy

We help incorporate creative methods through art-making, creative process, applied analytical psychology, and human experience. It helps in the improvement of cognitive-motor functions, emotional resilience, and self-awareness.


Our therapists are some of the best healthcare professionals who provide physical therapy to promote and maintain health. We offer physical examination, diagnosis, prognosis, physical intervention, rehabilitation, and health promotion.

Behavior support

Our specialists help identify causes that trigger or cues specific behavioral patterns and help cope with them by solving areas of distress and breakdowns with productive communication and activities.

Exercise physiology & personal training

We provide EP & PT by our experienced professionals who work with clients to maintain and improve health and fitness for functional tasks and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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